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For general information on aquaculture production, the AQUANIC website is an excellent resource.  Visits to established businesses can also provide an often needed reality check.  Before starting a business, it is critical to know (but not limited to) -


limiting factors and realistic production estimates for the species


market for the product - volume, historical and projected prices, preferred size and product form (live, frozen, etc.)


current and potential competition - regional, national, and global


construction and operating costs


regulations which could impact or prevent production


Beginning an aquaculture business requires a great deal of effort on the part of the entrepreneur.  However, there are several web sites and organizations that may be of help.  Please be aware that there is little "free money" available.  To be successful, a new businesses must be based on sound business planning.




Approved Aquatic Species


North Central Region aquaculture contacts, transport regulations, BMPs, and approved aquatic species





Using HACCP planning to reduce unwanted species

Pre-Harvest Security Guidelines and Checklist 2006



Business Planning


Agricultural Marketing Resource Center (AgMRC)

Agriculture Innovations Center (AIC)

Missouri Department of Agriculture

Missouri Department of Economic Development

Missouri Value Added Development Center

Choosing an Organizational Structure for Your Aquaculture Business

Missouri Small Business Development Centers

Aquaculture: Realities and Potentials When Getting Started (PDF)

Factors to Consider in Establishing a Successful Aquaculture Business in the North Central Region (PDF)

Making Plans for Commercial Aquaculture in the North Central Region

Business Planning For Aquaculture - Is It Feasible? (PDF)

Missouri Business Resource Library

Keys to a Successful Business Plan (HTM or PDF)

Evaluating an Aquaculture Enterprise



Disease / Fish Health


MoAA fish health page





Drugs Approved for use in Aquaculture

Low Regulatory Priority Drugs (PDF)

Guide to Drug, Vaccine, and Pesticide Use in Aquaculture

Aquatic Animal Drug Approval Partnership Program

From an Idea to the Marketplace: The Journey of an Animal Drug through the Approval Process





SMSU Agriculture Department Agriculture in the Classroom program

Missouri Farm Bureau Ag in the Classroom program

USDA Agriculture in the Classroom

Learning Happens (PDF)

Infusing Aquaculture into Traditional High School Curriculums (PDF)

Why Use Aquaculture as an Education Tool? (PDF)

Aquaculture in Action: Tools for Teaching Science

MoAA educational support

The National Council for Agricultural Education aquaculture curriculum

Mid-America Vocational Curriculum Consortium aquaculture curriculum

Fundamentals of Aquaculture: A Step-By-Step Guide to Commercial Aquaculture

Resources for Aquaculture Teachers Compiled by Auburn University

Missouri Adult Agricultural Education Programs

Constructing a Simple and Inexpensive Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) for Classroom Use

Interactive video on how to build an inexpensive recirculating aquaculture system (10-15 min) 

Video overview of aquaculture production systems (15 min)

Florida Aquaculture Education page





Agricultural Labor Management

Employee or Independent Contractor? 20 Tests

Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations

US Department of Labor

Missouri Worker's Compensation regulations



Environmental Compliance


US EPA National Agriculture Compliance Assistance Center

Missouri pesticide registration

EPA Office of Wastewater Management General NPDES Permit

Environmental Strategies for Aquaculture Symposium





Developing Business Proposals for Aquaculture Loans (PDF)

Missouri Agricultural and Small Business Development Authority (MASBDA)

Small Business Innovation Research: Aquaculture

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE)

The Mid-America International Agri-Trade Council (MIATCO)

MIATCO branded program pre-qualification application

Farm Service Agency youth loans


BIG Missouri linked-deposit program





The Hartford Financial Services Group

National Ag Risk Education Library





Missouri Department of Agriculture AgriMissouri Program
Agricultural Marketing Resource Center (AGMRC)

Small-Scale Marketing of Aquaculture Products (PDF)

Analysis of Regional and National Markets for Aquacultural Food Products in the Southern Region (PDF)

Marketing Seafood to Restaurants in the North Central Region (PDF)

Supermarkets and Seafood in the North Central Region (PDF)

Survey of Wholesale and Retail Buyers in the Six Southern States of the North Central Region (PDF)

Niche Marketing Your Aquaculture Products (PDF)

Analysis of Regional and National Markets for Aquacultural Food Products in the Southern Region (PDF)

Missouri Fish and Seafood Consumer Study (PDF)

Marketing Options for Small Aquaculture Producers (PDF)

Making Wise Choices When Direct Marketing Your Aquaculture Products






Publications from the EPA Office of Pesticide Programs

Missouri registered pesticides search



Pond Construction


USDA office locations

Site Selection of Levee-Type Fish Production Ponds (PDF)

Watershed Fish Production Ponds: Guide to Site Selection and Construction (PDF)





USDA APHIS Wildlife Services

Wildlife Damage Management for Aquaculture





HACCP fact sheet (PDF)

HACCP training schedule

HACCP training by AFDO

Processing and Marketing Aquaculture Products on a Small Scale (PDF)

Small Scale, On-farm Fish Processing (PDF)

Small Scale Catfish Production: Cleaning Catfish

Small Scale Catfish Production: Holding Fish For Sale

Processing Channel Catfish (PDF)

Processing and Marketing Aquacultured Fish (PDF) HACCP information





FISHY catfish inventory management software

AquaFarm software for aquaculture facility design and management planning





Missouri Agricultural Statistics Service

1998 Census of Aquaculture

1998 Census of Aquaculture - Missouri summary

USDA Economic Research Service Aquaculture Outlook

2002 Census of Agriculture - Aquaculture Sold: 2002 and 1997

USDA Catfish Production reports

USDA Trout Production reports

NOAA Fisheries Statistics Division

FAO fisheries global information system

USDA Economic Research Service





Missouri Department of Revenue letter rulings

Missouri Department of Revenue Division of Taxation and Collection

Internal Revenue Service

IRS products for small businesses

Business Registration



Transport (Interstate)


North Central Region aquaculture contacts, transport regulations, BMPs, and approved aquatic species



Vegetation Control


Aquatic weed control in catfish ponds (PDF)



General Information


MoAA links page

Agricultural Marketing Resource Center (AgMRC)

Missouri Alternatives Center (MAC)

North Central Aquaculture Regional Extension Facilitator (NCAREF)

Aquaculture Network Information Center (AQUANIC)

Getting Started in Aquaculture (PDF)

A Basic Overview of Aquaculture HTM (34k), PDF (297k)

Is Aquatic Farming For You? (PDF)



Further Information


Missouri Department of Agriculture

University of Missouri Columbia Extension (573) 882-4337

Lincoln University Aquaculture Program (573) 681-5540





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